Age 0 - 24 Months

We provide a pristine and fully stocked classroom/playroom for babies up to 2 years old. Children in this age group are offered age appropriate toys and activities for learning through exploration. Our teachers supply food, diaper/clothing changes, and naps on demand/as needed. Our babies are encouraged to learn through interactive play, both alone, and with their classmates. Our outdoor play area has a designated space for babies to explore, separate from the older children. We focus on developing motor skills, social interaction, language and the basic foundation of numbers, letters, shapes, and colors to get your baby ready for the preschool program.

Ages 2 to 5 Years

Our focus for older students is creating a solid foundation for kindergarten. Children in this age group have a classroom full of age appropriate activities, toys, books and art available to stimulate their minds and enhance the learning experience. Our certified teachers follow a daily curriculum that includes math, language, art, science, gardening and social studies. We also incorporate field trips to some of the Bay Area’s awesome parks, museums, landmarks and play spaces.  We strive to keep children engaged in and excited about learning new things. We create an environment that encourages high self esteem, which bolsters confident learning and thriving students. Every preschooler is sent to Kindergarten more than prepared to soar.

Ages 6 to 10 Years

We provide before and after school care for school age children, to help them begin and complete their days, with the proper support. We offer transportation to and from nearby elementary schools, as well as a balanced breakfast, and an afternoon snack. We help school aged children with homework, and offer fun and stimulating activities to fill their afternoon.